Indigenous Mestizos. The Politics of Race and Culture in Cuzco, Perú, 1919-1991

indigenous-mestizosContents: Past Dialogues about Race: An Introduction to the Present; 1. Decency in 1920 Urban Cuzco: The Cradle of the Indigenistas; 2. Liberal Indigenistas versus Tawantinsuyu: The Making of the Indian; 3. Class, Masculinity, and Mestizaje: New Incas and Old Indians; 4. Insolent Mestizas and Respeto: The Redefinition of Mestizaje; 5. Cuzqueñismo, Respeto and Discrimination: The Mafordomias of Almudena; 6. Respeto and Authenticity: Grassroouts Intellectuals and De-Indianized Indigenous Culture; 7. Indigenous Mestizos, De-Indianization, and Discrimination: Cultural Racism in Cuzco.

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